Wearing Your Passion On Your Wrist

Rubber wrist bands have become a great way to bring awareness, to a word, a cause, a disease; but these same bands have become fashion statement for tweens, teens and even many adults. Are people wearing the band so he or she can proudly wear the word “boobies ¬†with the “I love boobies!” wrist band for all to see or is it to bring awareness to breast cancer – supporting and has this organization made a positive impact on the cause.

The wrist band is a visual reminder of the emotional and visual attachment one has to the cause and the need to bring awareness to others or it simply a reason to take part in the latest fashion trend, but like anything else it will have an impact on the brand or message.

The LiveStrong bands through brand has been effective in keeping its purpose front and center while visual promoting the look, feel, and developing an attachment to the brand. For the LiveStrong brand¬†“We fight to improve the lives of people affected by cancer” is their promise and their bands are an element to that promise and can have value. Does it diminish it purpose of awareness, does the purpose of becoming a fashion statement dilute the message and in turn dilute the cause or brand itself … I just hope regardless of the reason the opportunity to respect a good message shines through.

Mi Hermanas

Sisters… come in all shapes and sizes – they may or may not come from the same family tree. Sisters speak the truth, however harsh and loving to one another, because the truth they speak is out of love. Sisters are unconditional love sprinkled with a burst of competitive spirit and a heaping of irrational support. No matter how you define what a sister is or what she means to you, your sister will always be there today and tomorrow, now and forever. My biological sister has gone before me to be with our father, she will always be is my heart and pulsing through my veins, she is in my thoughts and walks with me through life. My other sisters are standing by my side and we are challenging one another to continually be better than the day we are in, while as a sister we live to agitate, laugh, be annoyed and love for the sake of ones sister.